Veterans bike from Dallas to Austin and back for Project Hero Texas challenge

A group of veterans and their supporters rode their bikes more than 300 miles from Dallas to Austin, then back again, to help wounded heroes.

They begin as strangers and now say they feel like family.

The group of 20 veterans celebrated a physical feat Sunday after cycling 300 miles over the past five days for the Project Hero Texas challenge.

The veterans, many of whom have been wounded and almost all deal with PTSD, had to cycle through wind and rain.

They say that along the ride, they discussed their hardships, and it becomes therapeutic.

“It’s the therapeutic benefit. It’s the opportunity to help people get out of a dark place and be able to build that family community that heals,” said Peter Bylsma.

Bylsma also said the ride is just an incredible experience, mostly because it helps veterans - many of whom have been injured - show their strength physically and get out of a dark place mentally.

The group says they probably won’t see each other until the next challenge, which they do annually, but they keep in touch throughout the year and help hold each other accountable.