Vandals target homes, vehicles in Arlington neighborhood

Vandals targeted several cars parked outside Arlington homes, leaving windows, sunroofs on cars, trucks and SUVs damaged.

Some of the victims speculate the vandals were using some kind of BB guns. Arlington police are still trying to get a handle on how many vehicles were hit.

The residents of Rising Meadow Drive say they were furious to see their broken car windows Friday morning. But as the day went on, they heard of similar incidents all around the neighborhood. They are all now looking to Arlington PD to tell them who is responsible.

It’s not how Dana Stanley expected to spend her Friday morning. She was getting into her car to go to work when she heard a loud crash.

“There was nothing wrong with the windshield or with the window when I came out,” she recalled. “And then as soon as my door shut, it just shattered.”

But Stanley couldn’t figure out what caused the glass to break until she saw her neighbor next door.

Puradeonna Slaughter found the back window for her Chevy Cruz in pieces all over her backseat.

“I thought maybe it was like a window. One of those pointy tips that breaks it because of the way it had shattered,” she said.

At first, Slaughter thought her belongings may have been the target. Both she and Stanley say they filed police reports online. But they weren’t the only ones.

Mafalda Paiva called Arlington PD about her daughter's SUV on South Emma Drive, just a few blocks away from the other vandalized cars on Rising Meadow Drive.

“I can’t believe it,” she said. “I’ve been living here for 13 years, but nothing happened.”

Police are not certain yet how many vehicles were vandalized.

Neighbors on social media sharing their concerns speculate there may be as many as a dozen. Police say the crimes are likely connected.

Stanley is now coughing up $400 to fix her window with a message for whoever is responsible.

“They need to realize that it’s not okay,” she said.

Many of the people on the street have surveillance cameras, but none of them were pointing in the direction where the cars were parked Thursday night.

Police are hoping to find video that shows the vandals in the act. They could be charged with criminal mischief.