Vacationing North Texas family shares their experience as Hurricane Delta hits Mexico

Hurricane Delta hit the northeast corner of the Yucatan Peninsula Wednesday morning, and for many tourists and the people who live there locally, they had a small window to get to safety.

A North Texas mother was at a hotel when she and other tourists had to leave to get to safety.

“I’m not going to lie, when it started approaching Category 4, and then started to even look like it may approach Category 5, I was scared,” said Christy Love Cupples, who’s vacationing in Mexico.

She and hundreds of other evacuated tourists spent the night in a convention center room, and are now relieved after dodging a direct hit from Hurricane Delta, but they’re still inconvenienced.

“The power is out at our resort, so we can’t go back until [Wednesday],” Cupples said in a Facebook Live video.

Cupples recorded video and shared the experience via social media.

The trip to Cancun was a birthday celebration for her daughter, who just turned 20.

Their small group fended off anxiety as best they could while watching Cancun locals swarm grocery stores and board up windows at businesses as a precaution with Delta marching toward them. All of it during a pandemic. 

“We’ve got two resorts full of people in this shelter. We’re looking at well over 1,000 people in one place and it’s just impossible, impossible to social distance right now,” Cupples said. “But masks are on, people are washing their hands, the staff is disinfecting as they go along. Things are constantly being cleaned.”

Making safety a priority, Cupples is also more thankful than ever she purchased travel insurance.

“We’re going to try to extend our stay to see if we can’t get any of that time back. Definitely one for the memories though,” she added.