UT Dallas student holds street corner conversations on race, equality

A North Texas college student is on a campaign for equality and understanding following the death of George Floyd.

UT Dallas junior Nifa Kaniga started having conversations about race on street corners this summer. He carried a sign that read “Ask Me Anything” in his hometown of Dripping Springs, outside Austin.

He said he was frustrated by what he saw on social media in the wake of Floyd's death.

“I don't think anyone is a bad person for being ignorant. Everybody is a product of their environment. It's like when we have these kind of conversations surrounding police brutality and stuff like that, it's very easy to misunderstand the situation or misunderstand somebody else’s perspective,” Kaniga said.

He plans to continue these conversations in his mostly white community.

He is on street corners Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to sunset.