Upset North Texans visit memorial for kidnapped Lancaster teen

People are coming from all across North Texas to visit the memorial for murdered kidnapped teen Shavon Randle.

Some leave trinkets of love, some just come to stand and stare.

"I've never done anything like this before as far as coming to a crime scene but I don't know, it's something unsettling inside of me that we had to come here," Greeneville resident Lawanda Callaway said.

People are dumbfounded that someone so young and innocent was a victim of such a vicious crime.

"Just a little girl, just an innocent little girl doing 13-year-old stuff on a daily basis and you lose your life? It's just hard to wrap my mind around it," Callaway said.

Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax wanted to see the house where Shavon died himself. His attention is turned to how Dallas can get rid of these vacant houses.

"So that activities like this don't get to happen and we don't lose the lives of some young people in this community," Broadnax said.

Pastor Omar Jahwar says that the community must fight the culture of gangs and drugs.

"We must fight this culture with intensity and say we can no longer accept that this is our mandate, this our rite of passage. We can't do that," Jahwar said.

There have been six people arrested in connection with Shavon Randle's death. Two of the initial persons of interest are behind held on unrelated charges.