UPDATE: Restaurant owner dies after being shot during Friday night robbery

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UPDATE: Dallas Police have confirmed the woman who was shot late Friday night has died of her wounds.


MORE INFORMATION: Homicide detectives are looking for an armed robber who shot a Dallas business owner in her own restaurant, around 11:50 Friday night. She died of her injuries, on Sunday.

Family members identified her as 51-year-old Victoria Polanco. They say she was working in her Old East Dallas restaurant on Saturday when someone came in and tried to rob her.

"She's a really good lady, I don't know why anyone would want to do that to her,” said Angel Cabrera. Cabrera works at the barber shop next to the restaurant, and says she Polanco has watched out for the neighborhood for years.

“She usually cooks for anybody who asks her for a plate,” he said, “She watches out for everybody.”

Neighbors say Polanco often stays open late, working by herself. Just before midnight, on Friday, Dallas Police say a robber came in and shot her.

Fox 4 tracked down a customer who was in the restaurant during the robbery, but he was still too shaken from the ordeal to speak with us on camera. The customer said the robber was wearing a black mask and forced him to face the wall outside, as he demanded money.

There are conflicting reports on how Polanco was shot, but witnesses say it happened during a struggle for the key to the cash box.