UNT alumnus donates $30 million to university

A UNT alumnus donated $30 million to help the school's college of business. It's the largest gift in the university's history.

UNT President Neal Smatresk announced the donation from alumnus G. Brint Ryan and his wife, Amanda today.

Jazmine Monreal is a senior with lofty ambitions. Now, she says her dreams just grew even bigger with the latest announcement on campus.

"Brint has agreed to present a gift of 30 million dollars to the UNT College of Business,” Smatresk announced.

It’s UNT's largest gift to date. Ryan says he was an average college student who struggled with his coursework and even got into trouble once with UNT campus police.

"I had no idea where I was going and no idea how to get there,” he said. “I came here with a lot of growing up to do and it happened right on this campus.”

"I guess it just makes me more hopeful that someone who did struggle and didn't feel perfect still is really successful and wanting to give back to his community,” Monreal said.

The $30 million endowment will help UNT attract top business educators and students while increasing its level of prestige and reputation.

“It’s a real simple recipe. Find that thing where your passions and skills and ability to align with a real need. And at that is where you can have great success,” Ryan said.

Ryan's success was realized in his love for business taxation. He created a small company after graduation that has grown dramatically.

“We represent major companies in the global 5000 all across the world,” he said. “We help them deal with taxing authorities. We help them make sure they pay what they owe and not a penny more."

The college of business will soon bear Ryan's name.