University Park: Café's controversial murals can stay for now

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A family-owned café in University Park will be allowed to keep the playful murals painted outside its building with the city reviews its policy.

Earlier this week, owners of the newly-opened Biscuit Bar were told their murals must go. One in particular features a set of wings with the phrase, "Don't be a basic patch."

The owners said they paid an Austin artist $6,000 to paint the mural and an adjacent one facing inside their covered patio that says, "Don't worry. Be tappy."

"We are kind of making fun of ourselves a little bit about the fact that we jumped on the wing bandwagon," explained Biscuit Bar co-owner Janie Burkett.

But the city of University Park said the murals violated the city's sign ordinance because both could be seen from Hillcrest Avenue.

Backlash from the public may have convinced city officials to reconsider.

"When the city's current sign ordinance was adopted, the concept of a mural as a photo opportunity was not envisioned. The city has decided to review sign ordinance guidelines related to murals and art work. While this review takes place, the Biscuit Bar will not have to cover their two murals from public view," the city of University Park said in a statement.

"Because of YOUR support, the city of University Park has graciously allowed us to keep our beautiful murals on the exterior of our building across from SMU! WE CANNOT SAY THANK YOU ENOUGH TO ALL OF YOUR!" the café's owners said on social media.

The Biscuit Bar did agree to remove its Instagram and hashtag advertising from the Basic Batch mural while working with city officials.

"We want to give a major shout out to the city of University Park for seeing the value in allowing artistic expression and supporting local artisans. We are so grateful to be partnered with you!" the café said.