University of North Texas opens new biomedical engineering facility

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A new facility at the University of North Texas is launching education into the future.

The Denton campus on Thursday opened up its new biomedical engineering facility.

UNT grad student Laurence Blake designed an implant for a patient's hip replacement. Using 3D anatomy technology, students can mirror an actual patient’s body makeup to arrive at results such as necessary size, configuration and even how a device will react with the patient’s range of motion.

"So now we're just looking at the complex network of the nervous system and how we can visualize each individual nerve that extends from the spinal cord,” Blake explained.

The high tech tool is just one cutting edge feature of a new $12.6 million biomedical engineering building on UNT's campus.  

"It’s going to make a big impact on how this university grows as one of the superior research centers in the state,” said Dr. Neal Smatresk with UNT.

Biomed engineering is among the university's fastest-growing degree programs already with more than 200 undergrad students and dozens in its grad and PhD programs.

The school chair encourages anyone interested in the field of medical science to explore the new program, which is attracting faculty from around the country.

"Anything new for all of us. If we start something new, it’s a little daunting. We're a little apprehensive,” said Dr. Vijay Vaidyanathan with the university. “But once they get in here with the right background and take the right courses, it's good. Most important is to work hard.”