United plane goes off the runway in Houston, passengers evacuated

The NTSB is investigating what caused United Flight 2477 from Memphis to roll off the runway at Bush Intercontinental in Houston Friday.

The plane left the pavement around 8 a.m. after landing with 160 passengers and six crew members on board.

No one was injured and first responders quickly got to the scene.

"I thought we were still in the air, I was like what was that," said passenger Stephen Boggan. "This whole situation sent us back like hours."

A passenger told reporters he heard a loud pop when they tried to make a turn, saying the plane appeared to be going too fast.

"That is kind of what it sounded like, but I had my airpods in. But it was this huge jerk, and I was like, what was that? And I took my airpods off, I thought we were still in the air," said Boggan.

The incident Friday was not the only time the Chicago-based airline made news this week.

Thursday, a United Airlines flight leaving from San Francisco had to be diverted to Los Angeles after a tire fell off. The flight was bound for Japan, and it caused the runway to be briefly closed.

The tire damaged vehicles in an employee parking lot, but there were no injuries.

The cause is under investigation.

Monday, a passenger captured video of a United engine catching fire. The plane was leaving Houston to Fort Myers, Florida when the fire broke out. There was a safe landing and no one was hurt.

The airline said the fire was caused by plastic bubble wrap debris being sucked into the engine from the airfield.

The NTSB has a team heading to Houston to investigate Friday's incident.