Unique Cleburne greenhouses site of new vertical farms

North Texas is now home to one of the first farms of its kind in the world.

Eden Green is located in Cleburne, in a series of greenhouses that are billed as “next generation vertical farming.”

In the greenhouses, produce is locally grown on a large scale then picked and packed on the same day. Each harvest is pesticide and chemical free and ready in only 27 days.

It will be able to produce 10-15 harvests each year. Traditional, soil-based farming can only yield two harvest annually. This method of farming means that there is no restrictions to where produce can be grown.

“We can tailor make the climate per varietal,” co-founder Jaco Booyens said. “So we can take food that does not grow in the United States and introduce it to the population by growing it in Cleburne.”

The goal of the farm is to improve accessibility to fresh food for every family.

In just a few weeks the first lettuce harvest will be sold at Walmart under the name “crisply.” The retail giant is partnering with Eden Green to keep prices down.

Other locations of Eden Green farms include Omaha, New York City and Los Angeles. The company hopes to go global and is eyeing Dubai as its next location.