Two W.T. White students diagnosed with tuberculosis

Dallas ISD is alerting parents about two confirmed cases of tuberculosis at W.T. White High School.

Dallas County Health and Human Services will perform skin tests Wednesday on a group of students and staff who may have been exposed.

“I don't feel like there is a lot of concern, however, we’ve got to make sure that we do our due diligence,” said Ganesh Shivaramaiyer, Dallas County Health and Human Services Interim Director.

The health department says the two brothers have TB have been undergoing treatment for the past two months since before school started. The sons contracted the disease from their father, but officials are not saying how the father got tuberculosis, in the first place.

However, the message from Shivaramaiyer to other parents is to not be overly concerned, saying the brothers are not likely to be highly contagious because of their treatment.

“Tuberculosis is a very serious disease, however, we want to show the parents that we, as DCHHS, having the TB elimination division... help in this process is very valuable,” Shivaramaiyer said.

Parents in the school pick up line said they got a letter and voicemail from the district late last week, notifying them.

One mother said she's been keeping an eye on her daughter, who is a sophomore, making sure she doesn't show any symptoms -- like coughing, chest pain, fatigue and fever.

“They share a cafeteria, they share classrooms, so it's kind of scary that you don't know who it is and she might be sitting at the same desk or she might be sharing the same chair,” the mother said.

Dallas ISD released a statement Tuesday, stating in part, "The health and safety of all Dallas ISD students is our top priority... We will continue to work closely with [Dallas County Health and Human Services] and follow their protocol to ensure the wellness of our students and staff."