Two parks at Joe Pool Lake to reopen soon

After months of being closed down due to the flooding North Texas suffered over the spring, two parks at Joe Pool Lake are ready to reopen.

At Lloyd Park, the beach will open, the camp sites will open and the boat ramp will open on Aug. 22.

Those things have been inaccessible since flood waters closed them back in May.

Though it's been dry for a while, major repairs were still required for things like electrical boxes and outlets, toilet facilities and trails.

For those eagerly waiting for their recreation to return, this is great news.

"We just came from Lake Lewisville and all the parks there were closed,” said park enthusiast Arc Yare. “We were pretty disappointed. Like, we drove like 45 minutes, so like now it's open and we're excited.”  

Over at Lynn Creek Park, the picnic sites and the swim beach will open on Aug. 22 as well, but the boat ramp will remain closed.

They'll open up on the following Saturday, Aug. 29.