Two-legged ‘T-Rex' dog finally gets his own wheelchair thanks to generous donors

Tobi the wonder dog, AKA Tobi T-Rex, is a two-year-old mini Australian Shepherd. Last month we told you how Tobi doesn’t let the fact that he’s missing two front legs slow him down. But Tobi’s vets said that if Tobi walks like this for too long, he’s at risk of becoming paralyzed.

When the North Texas Humane Society put out a call for donations to help Tobi get around, the community came through for Tobi. Now, his new wheels have finally arrived!

Tobi can finally cruise in style without risking damage to his spine.

Of course, Tobi is still getting used to not walking like a T-Rex. On his first day with the wheels, Tobi could only tolerate them for a few minutes. Now, he’s up to 20 minutes at a time. 

Once Tobi gets fully comfortable with his wheels, he’ll be put up for adoption to find a family who is ready to roll with him for good.