Two elderly women critically injured in Fort Worth house fire

Two women are in critical condition after a house fire Friday afternoon in Fort Worth.

Firefighters rescued the women from a burning home on Martin Street, near Hillside Avenue and Highway 287.

The victims include a woman in her 60s who lives at the home with her 91-year-old mother.

There were actually two rescues -- firefighters found the 91-year-old victim during their first sweep of the house. Another crew located her daughter moments later.

Both women were unconscious and emergency crews performed CPR while taking them to John Peter Smith Hospital.

People nearby saw the smoke and attempted to help before firefighters arrived.

“We tried to go over there and knock on the door but it was too hot, like we would've burned our arms or something,” said neighbor Katrina Hernandez.

There was no immediate word from the hospital about the extent of the two women's injuries.

The older woman’s husband, who surveyed the burned home, pointed to the damage inside the house, visible from just outside the front door.

He says the 91-year-old was in fairly good health and was the lifelong caretaker of her daughter, who has always had special needs.