Two deaths linked to cold weather in Houston

An adult man at 301 Hamilton was found dead at around 7 a.m. Tuesday. A couple of hours later, another man was found dead at 100 Richmond Avenue near Spur 527. The medical examiner will determine the exact cause of death, but right now police believe the men died from exposure to the frigid conditions.

“We’re really urging, the mayor is really urging, everyone is urging people to come in,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo. “We have our homeless outreach teams out again."

Even shelters at capacity like the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and the Star of Hope say they will not turn anyone away that needs to get warm.

The police chief points out it’s not just the homeless contending with the cold.

“There are some people that may have a residence, a place they live in, that does not have adequate heating they need to just make that assessment and realize the cold is not anything to take for granted,” Acevedo said.

That goes for drivers as well.

“Since last Friday and Saturday we actually pre-treated multiple roadways including our bridges and overpasses in the six counties we cover in the Houston district,” said Danny Perez with TXDOT.

Ice can form quickly on roadways. That’s why TXDOT says know before you go. Visit

“Make sure you’re paying attention,” Perez said. “Put the telephone down.”

Icy conditions have caused three streets to be closed in Pearland -- Magnolia Road, Bailey Road, and Mcard Road, specifically the overpasses over the railroad tracks.

“They haven’t thawed out enough at this point to re-open so they will be closed throughout the evening,” said Pearland assistant city manager Trent Epperson. “With warmer temperatures expected tomorrow we will hopefully have them open as soon as possible.”