Two dead after family argument at Pleasant Grove home

Two people are dead and a woman injured after a domestic dispute led to a shooting at a Pleasant Grove home.

The suspect and one victim were found dead at a home in the 2200 block of Lolita Drive Thursday afternoon. A woman was also taken to the hospital with an apparent gunshot wound.

Neighbors described a bloody, frantic woman running from the home.

Ashley Hudson is still trying to process the details surrounding a deadly shooting that occurred across the street from her home.

“The story is he and his wife were having an argument, shot the wife and shot and killed the mother-in-law,” Hudson said. “We’re not for sure yet if he killed himself, but that’s what the suspicion is.”

Dallas police haven’t released any details about what happened but confirm the suspect and another person were found dead inside the home, adding that a woman was taken to hospital with a gunshot wound.

Veronica, who only speaks Spanish and ask that her last name not be used, says she was taking out the trash when she saw her neighbor jump the fence and run towards her. Veronica says the woman was bleeding from her eye and told her that her husband just shot her and killed her mother. Veronica called 911 and used a towel to apply pressure to the gunshot wound until the ambulance arrived.

It’s unclear what sparked the shooting.

Neighbors say the family had only lived in that home for about a month. They said they saw police cars at the home often.

The couple has two children, who were not injured. They are currently in CPS custody.