Two arrested for dealing K2 in downtown Dallas

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Two people have been arrested for dealing synthetic marijuana in downtown Dallas.

Martin Zamora, 28, and Dominick Harrell, 31, were arrested by Dallas police on a first degree felony of delivery of a controlled substance.

Synthetic marijuana, better known as K2, is dangerous according to police because unknown ingredients are used and there’s no consistency in how the drug is made. Police said Wednesday a rash of K2 overdoses started occurring in the downtown Dallas area in early January.

Police said narcotics officers, DART and El Centro police worked together to identify who was dealing and who was being targeted. Police believe the K2 dealers were seeking out young people and the homeless in downtown.

Police said the two arrests could be the first felony K2 delivery cases in Dallas County history.

Downtown Dallas boosters were happy with the arrests.

"This is an enormous step forward and we're pleased to see the urgency and seriousness with which the Dallas Police Department is taking the K2 issue,” said Downtown Dallas Inc. President John Crawford. “We hope the arrests today are indicative of further progress. This has been an issue making a visible impact on the downtown community, and we thank DPD for their work."

Both Harrell and Zamora were in jail on Wednesday afternoon and have a $100,000 bond.

Police said their investigation into the K2 dealing in downtown Dallas will continue.