Two arrested after SWAT standoff at Cockrell Hill home

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A SWAT standoff in Cockrell Hill that lasted for hours ended in the arrest of two auto theft suspects.

When police initially arrived at the house in the 4700 block of Pecan Meadow Drive Tuesday morning and tried to make an arrest, the people inside refused to come out. Three people later came out willingly while two remained inside.

Neighbors say they started noticing police activity police just after 6 a.m. Police confirmed the auto theft unit had been watching the house. When a suspect they had an arrest warrant for drove on to the property in a stolen vehicle, police moved in to make the arrest.

Police say three occupants in the home voluntarily came outside, but the two suspects they had warrants for remained hiding inside.

By 10 a.m., SWAT was called in. Video from SKY4 shows three armored personnel carriers and tactical teams surrounding the home and blocking off nearby residential streets.

No gunshots were fired or exchanged. But after hours of the suspects refusing to communicate, police began firing teargas canisters into the home. By early afternoon, smoke could be seen coming out of the side of the home.

Police say both suspects, a man and a woman, were located in the attic of the home arrested. Neighbors say the police have been to the home at least three times in the last six months.

“SWAT just showed up out here at that house trying to get everybody out. They snuck up on him this time,” said neighbor Mike Robinson. “Usually, they get here, and the police are watching the front of the house, and the guys are running out the back door.”

“The auto theft unit attempted to execute this one at 9 a.m. this morning,” explained Dallas Police Cpl. Melinda Gutierrez “When they did not exit, SWAT was notified and SWAT came out here. That’s when the process started.”

Of the two arrested, the man was taken to the hospital for unspecified treatment. The woman was taken to jail.

The residents who voluntarily left the home were allowed back in, but they refused to comment or even identify themselves.

Some neighbors were annoyed by the nearly eight-hour standoff while others were amused.

Police say they will release the names of the two people arrested and the charges against them as soon as they’re booked into the Dallas County jail.