Truck tries crossing flooded Granbury road, gets swept into creek

A man and a woman escaped a very dangerous situation when their truck was swept away by floodwaters.

They were trying to drive across a flooded road in the Stroud Creek neighborhood of Granbury. They almost made it, but the truck was swept into a creek. The two people inside got out safely only because the truck got stuck on the bank of the creek.

Zachery Henson, the high school senior who filmed the video, told FOX 4 he had gone down to the creek Thursday to see if it was passable. The driver of the black truck was contemplating whether or not it was safe to pass.

“He had his mind set that he was going to pass it. He did pull up, then backed up. Then he went all the way through and that’s what you see in the video,” he said. “As soon as he started out I knew that there was no way that that water was passable.”

Henson said there is only one way in and out of his neighborhood, which includes about 100 homes. Every time it floods, residents are trapped.

“It’s very stressful and aggravating. It needs a solution really bad,” he said. “I wish there was another way out or the city would approve the necessary funds to build something, a safe way out.”

He missed several days of work because of it earlier this year and he’s worried he won’t make it to his own graduation ceremony Friday night. It’s something he’s worked hard for.

“Now that I’m not going to be able to graduate, I’m honestly devastated,” he said.

At this point it seems he'll only make it if it doesn't rain any more Friday and the floodwaters recede. But he said he won’t risk crossing the road like the driver of the truck unless it’s very clear that it is passable.