Trackdown: Mom turns suspect in for Ricky Allen's death

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UPDATE: Tips from a FOX 4 viewer helped police arrest a suspected killer.

Dallas police said a woman saw her son on TV during the weekly Trackdown segment and turned him.

He's accused of killing Ricky Allen near Love Field. But, he was a juvenile at the time of the crime so his name is not being released.


This week, police need your help to track down a band of bad actors who beat and stomped a man so severely that he died.

It was July 12, 2018, when Ricky Allen was attacked by a group of guys. Police say even strangers joined in on the beating in public.

“He was hospitalized. He actually gave a statement to the patrol officer who showed up at the hospital and took his statement on body camera,” said Dallas Police Homicide Det. Scott Sayers. “He basically said that his stepson with all of his buddies beat him up.”

Rodney Hudson is the stepson of Allen's girlfriend. He was arrested and charged with murder in Allen's beating death.

“Apparently, he was arguing with the stepson’s mother— his girlfriend,” the detective said. “And she called the stepson who was out playing basketball and said to come home. When he came home they got into a verbal and in a physical fight.”

After Allen left, they followed him and caught him in the Cost-Plus Supermarket and beat him a second time. That attack was captured on video. As the attack continued, strangers also joined in on the assault.

Sayers says Hudson, who was arrested, is in the person in the black shirt in the surveillance video. They are still looking for the shirtless man seen on the video that goes by the name ‘DD.’

“He's the one that knocks him the first time and knocks him to the ground,” Sayers said. “Then, they all jump in and they start beating on him.”

After the attack, Allen lay crumpled. A woman tried to tend to him.

“All you see is him laying on the ground. Then, the ambulance shows up and they pick him up,” Sayers said. “The suspects take off. It’s two black male suspects and several Hispanic young male suspects.”

Police have photos of ‘D.D’ and three Hispanic teens who are suspected in the attack. Police don’t know their names.

“I need to know their true God-given birth names as well as where they are at right now,” Sayers said. “I definitely need to know who D.D. is and everybody out there is gonna see his picture and know exactly who he is. I know for sure he's involved. He's the shirtless guy that’s involved.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477.