Trackdown: Marine veteran murdered in Oak Cliff

Dallas Police are looking for the man with a distinct walk who they say murdered a 51-year-old man in his east Oak Cliff neighborhood.

The murder happened March 25th on 1351 Adelaide drive. Police say the killer had a unique walk and probably knew the neighborhood or even lives in it.

"He has that smooth I want to say to be funny, that George Jefferson type of walk and like he was comfortable," said Detective Derrick Chaney.

51-year-old Charles Thompson was shot and killed. No one saw the shooting but neighbors did hear gunshots. Thompson was known as "Little Charles" in the neighborhood and grew up there.

"He was the neighborhood handy-man he helped everybody." said Betty and Franklin Crawford. The Crawfords have lived on Adelaide for more than 50 years and they have known "Little Charles" his whole life.

Thompson served 13 years in the Marines and and is a father of six and grandfather of eleven. One of his daughters said he battled addition and because of that he may have been drawn to the house where he was murdered.

Detectives say the killer could be a fellow neighbor.

"The way that his demeanor was its like he was familiar with this neighborhood so he could even be living in this neighborhood," said Det. Chaney. Investigators hope the distinct walk will lead to some tips.

Anyone with information is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477.