Trackdown: Help find the White Settlement bank robbers

The FBI and White Settlement police are looking for a pair of bank robbers traveling on a Kawasaki motorcycle, and they hope you can tell them who they are.

The man and woman didn't get any cash, but the woman was caught on tape as she hands a stick-up note to the teller.

It happened in broad daylight around 4 p.m. on April 18th at the Wells Fargo Banks off 820 and White Settlement Road.

"Lots of traffic in and out. We had a motorcycle, likely stolen, parked right here where my patrol car is. Female jumps off the back of the bike. Goes in. Hands a note to the teller basically says, ‘You better comply. No games or everyone will die,’" Police Chief Christopher Cook explained.


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Video captured the woman’s face at the teller's window.

"You'll be able to see the facial features. She's even got a nose ring. We think she's about 5’6", 5’9", white female," the chief said. "The teller was able to hit the silent alarm trigger, the hold-up alarm. And then it spooked the female. She ends up running out of the bank, jumps on the stolen motorcycle. They flee northbound on 820. We think somebody will recognize the female."

Cook is confident someone who recognizes the woman can help capture the man as well.

"We believe it’s a Kawasaki motorcycle. People who are into motorcycle clubs, they may know who this couple was as well," the chief said. "I need someone to give us a tip on who the female is. Once we get that, once we get her identified, my detectives with the FBI will be able to write the arrest warrants and get them into custody."

Anyone with information can call White Settlement police at (817) 246-7070 or email them at

Tipsters can also contact Tarrant County Crime Stoppers (817) 469-8477. A reward is being offered for tips leading to an arrest.