Trackdown: Help find the courteous Cricket store robber

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UPDATE: Dallas police said tips from FOX 4 viewers helped track down an armed robbery suspect. 

They got their first tip about 20 minutes after the original story aired Wednesday night. By Thursday evening, officers had a suspect in custody.

His name has not yet been released.


Dallas police are searching for an armed robber who they say was polite when he terrorized workers at a cellphone store by waving a gun around.

Video from last week shows the robber in a red hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and white tennis shoes. Authorities are calling him ‘the courteous crook’ since he expressed gratitude to the people he held at gunpoint.

“This case right now we're working, it only looks like this guy's done this one,” said Dallas Police Det. Dan Lacy. “So that’s why we want to get out in front of this one before we have other offenses.”

The robbery happened on January 3 at the Cricket Wireless store in the 10800 block of Garland Road less than an hour before it was set to close.

“He came up on foot and walked in the store. Immediately, he displayed a two-tone handgun. It was silver and black,” Lacy said.

The robber struggled to get the gun out of the pocket of his bright red hooded sweatshirt. He then pushed the hood back. Surveillance video caught his image and his voice.

“And maybe even that somebody hearing a voice will recognize the voice,” Lacy said.

The manager tried to keep the shaky suspect calm.

“We don’t know if it’s a real gun or not, but he was willing to point it at people,” said Dallas Police Det. Chris Ross. “Also, there was a customer minding her own business who was in there that could have been injured during this robbery.”

The robber grabbed the bag of cash from the manager and backed out of the store. His last word to the manager was “appreciate it.”

“We need a name,” the detectives said. “Anything to help us find this guy.”

Anyone with information is urged to call (214) 671-3636. Crime Stoppers is offering a reward.