Trackdown: Help find the Balch Springs gas station robber

This week, Balch Springs police hope Trackdown viewers can identify a man they say robbed the same store clerk twice in the same week. He was caught on video in different stores across Balch Springs.

The Shell gas station in Balch Springs is where Shira Trejo works as a night cashier to provide for her babies.

“And I was here on December 11 when a young gentleman came in and robbed me… at knifepoint,” she recalled.

Surveillance video shows the man who robbed Trejo. She says he went into the store and used the restroom before walking up and down the aisles and approaching her. Trejo says he asked her about a job and then about ice cream before he made his move.

“I seen him come behind the counter. And when he come behind the counter, he was by the door there,” she recalled. “And then he come, pulled out a knife and come straight at me and lifted a bandana. He told me to open the register. So I stepped back as far as I could step back as I'm cornered here.”

Surveillance video shows the same man at another Balch Springs store minutes before he robbed the Shell station. Police say he approached a woman worker there and was thinking about it until a man came out. That’s when he went to the Shell.

Two nights later, Trejo says the same man came back and robbed her again.

‘When he come back in when he was looking at me, he lifted his bandana and he come around the corner again,” she recalled. “And yet again, he told me to open the register.”

The man in the video is wearing a Bulls cap or headband and had on sweats. His face is clearly shown.

“Somebody's gonna recognize him,” said Balch Springs Det. Allen Bird. “He' s not wearing a mask. You can see his face plainly.”

Police need you to plainly talk to them so the suspect working his crime against women clerks is caught.

“Somebody's gonna recognize him and they're gonna know him,” Bird said. “And we need help getting him identified.”

Crime Stoppers is also involved. Anyone with information is urged to call Det. Bird at (972) 557-6014.