Trackdown: Help find murder suspect Leonard 'T.Y' Sowell

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In this week's Trackdown, Dallas homicide detectives have asked FOX 4's Shaun Rabb to show our viewers video of a murder that happened early Tuesday morning.

Update: Trackdown suspect Leonard Sowell arrested for murder

The man seen in the surveillance video hits a woman so violently that he kills her.

The victim was the suspect's girlfriend, and police know who he is, but don't know where he is.

Dallas police were called about a disturbance Monday night into Tuesday morning, at The Super 7 Inn near Cockrell Hill and Camp Wisdom.

"I talked to some witnesses here and they heard some fighting and some arguing going on throughout the night," Dallas PD Detective Jeff Loeb. "And the argument kind of spills out into the parking lot."

An upstairs surveillance camera catches the man and woman arguing.

"The man that was in the room with her punches her super hard, like a knockout, a heavyweight knockout punch. With a right hook, hits her in the face," Loeb added. "And just drops her, I mean it's, it's pretty vicious."

Police say Gina "Gigi" Elder was the woman who was angrily assaulted. Detective Loeb says her boyfriend, Leonard Sowell, is the one who punched her. Sowell's street name is "T.Y."

Sowell then goes back to the motel room, before coming out in a black jacket, still filled with rage at Elder. He then hits her again, knocking her to the ground a second time, before jumping a fence and leaving.

"He took a life that meant something and he took it away like it was trash," Elder's sister, Graylanda Elder, said.

Gigi's sister and daughter, Kiara Ali, say this was not the first time he'd hit their loved one, but she kept going back to him

"I just wished she knew how much we loved her so she wouldn't have found love in the wrong thing," the victim's daughter said.

Police say Sowell is missing one of his two front teeth, has a teardrop tattoo near his left eye, and a picture of a dollar bill tattooed near his right cheek.

"I need whoever knows where he is to call in and report his location so he may be brought to justice," Elder's sister said.

"Get him caught, get him off the streets, so he doesn't do this to anybody else," Det. Loeb added.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to Sowell's arrest. You can call and remain anonymous at 214-373-8477.