Trackdown: Help find murder suspect Jonathan 'P-Money' Pitts

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Jonathan "P-Money" Pitts

In this week's Trackdown, Dallas police know who they are looking for, but don't know where he is.

The murder happened in January, at a hotel the feds have recently shut down.

Homicide detective Scott Sayers is hoping the public can help him find Jonathan "P-Money" Pitts.

Detectives chased down leads from the murder trail left behind at a motel that has now been shut down.

“Han Gil Hotel isn’t your regular hotel. It’s a motel that there’s a lot of drug dealing, a lot of bad stuff going on, prostitution,” Sayers said. “It’s kind of a haven for drug dealers. Almost like the movie ‘New Jack City.’ They had free reign.”

The Dallas Police Department, FBI, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office worked to close the hotel in March.

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The entire hotel was a home to drug, cash, guns, and other criminal activity.

On January 29, Shun Handy - street name Big Youngster - and P-Money had words.

“His nickname was P-Money,” Sayers added. “Everybody up here knew who P-Money was. They didn’t necessarily have a real name.”

Sayers cross referenced old reports with that street name until he found a government name: Jonathan Pitts.

“My witnesses tell me that they got into an argument and Jonathan Pitts waited for him,” Sayers said.

There isn’t video of the shooting, but nearby video shows someone take off running when the bullets start flying,

“I’ve got witnesses who saw the confrontation, and they said Jonathan basically shot him several times right here,” Sayers added.

Video of Pitts before the shooting shows he was in a white hoodie with his dog and another man.

The dog mattered more to Pitts than another man’s life.

“He ran into his room, grabbed his dog, took his dog to the car, and then took off,” Sayers said.

Pitts jumped into a white Tahoe and drove back through the motel area, before taking a left onto Dennis.

“I need anybody that knows Jonathan Pitts, knows where he's at, to call and tell us where he's at so that we can get him arrested so he can be, you know, held responsible for what he did,” Sayers added.

Sayers also has a message for Pitts.

“You know you can’t out run the paper. We’ve got a warrant for you and it’s going to catch up with you eventually,” he said.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to Pitts’ arrest.

If you have information on Pitts, you can call Crime Stoppers, or text Det. Sayers 214-283-4849.

Help track down a killer caught on tape, but who is still at-large.