Trackdown: Help find man who brutally attacked clerk during Sunnyvale robbery

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The violent beating and robbery of a Valero store clerk is the focus of this week's Trackdown.

It happened earlier this month, in the town of Sunnyvale, a small community in far east Dallas County.

Dallas County Sheriff's Office investigators say it almost seems like the man who did this knew the store and knew the clerk.

The violent assault is too graphic to show the video. The entire ordeal lasted nearly 25 terrorizing minutes for the store clerk.

The beating was so brutal, the clerk lost part of her memory and may need plastic surgery.

There are not a lot of good clues, except the gloves the suspect was wearing.

There's not a lot of violent crime in Sunnyvale, but authorities say this was "exceptionally violent."

Video shows the man behind the violent against a female store clerk, who is a mother, approach the Sunnyvale Valero on Collins Road, at about 4:30 a.m. on July 2.

"Right after she opened the door, she turned off the alarm, the door closed, and then behind her, came this suspect," said Dallas County Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Raymond Williams.

He knocked her to the ground and started assaulting her.

"She tries to get up and get away from him, and they kind of circle the back room for a second. He knocks her to the ground again, this time taking her face and smashing it on to the floor," Williams added.    

The suspect parked on the north side of the store, and was driving a silver Chevrolet HHR.

"Somebody has seen him. Somebody let him borrow their car. Somebody knows this guy and they will be able to point him out," Williams said.

It's been tough for authorities to identify him because he's completely covered.

He's wearing jeans, a black Nike hoodie, a ball cap with a red bib, and what looks like new, bright white tennis shoes.

He also had on gloves which were two-tone: green and black, that were maybe a rubber-nylon mix.

"He had obviously been here," Williams said. "He'd watched the location in the past."

The suspect was aware of what time the clerk arrived, how she would enter the business, and where the safe was.

"After he tried to get her to open the safe unsuccessfully, he drug her to the ATM machine trying to get that open as well," Williams said. "Unable to access the ATM machine, he drug her back behind the counters to the cash drawers and had her open the cash registers, and he took what money was there."

[REPORTER: "The attack on this woman almost seems personal."] "It did almost seem personal. He went way beyond what is necessary to commit a robbery. This was almost something that was planned out that was personal against her, and, ‘Oh, I'll add a robbery to it to throw everybody off,'" Williams said.

A $10,000 reward is being offered in this case.

Anyone with information on this suspect is asked to call Crime Stoppers or Lt. Raymond Williams at 214-653-3485.

Help catch this violent attacker who was caught on tape, but still at-large.