Trackdown: Help find Jessica Henderson & Corey Sanders' killer

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Dallas police need to find the man who shot and killed two people and injured a third innocent bystander last week.

Two women were fighting, but it was a man who pulled a gun and killed one of the women and a man. Police have a street name of the suspect, but they want to know his real name.

The fatal shooting happened on Sept. 17 just after 6 p.m. at the Sunoco Food Mart on Highway 175 and St. Augustine in Pleasant Grove.

“There was a fight between two young ladies,” explained Dallas Police Det. Eddie Parker. “One is the deceased female.”

Jessica Henderson and Elizabeth Lovejoy were in the fight. Shortly after, Henderson was shot dead by a man.

“My male victim and the suspect and several other people as well after I was looking at the video that were kind of standing around watching the fight. Then at some point during the fight, the male suspect displayed a handgun and shot the female victim and the male victim, “Parker said. “And the gunman ran from here across the street.”

A man minding his business near the front of the Sunoco Food Mart was hit in the leg by a wild bullet and went down.

The other man who was shot and killed, though, was Corey Sanders. He had children by the other woman in the fight.

Police want to find Lovejoy.

“I’ve stressed to her family that has contacted me that she is not in trouble. I’m not trying to put her in jail,” Parker said. “She was a witness to this. She was involved in the fight.”

After the shooting, Lovejoy ran to a burgundy SUV. The driver was a white or Hispanic woman.

“She may have brought the white female here to either meet up with the deceased male, Corey Sanders, because they do have kids together,” Parker said. “I don’t know if she was meeting to see the children.”

The shooter also had someone drive him away in a white SUV. It drove off before going back to the scene of the shooting.

“Drives all the way around, passes the victims and goes back around the back side then exits back out,” Parker said.

The detective says the slender shooter last seen in a black shirt and jeans is a guy who goes by ‘Junior’ or ‘Black’ on the streets.

“So there were people here when the shooting happened, and I know they know this guy,” Parker said. “And then other people that were here that may have left the location when the officers got here, I need them to come forward so I can show them a lineup. Let’s get Junior or Black behind bars.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477.