Trackdown: Help find Jacob Contreras' killer

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In this week’s Trackdown, police are searching for two men who killed an aspiring barber who was making a name with his creative cuts and hairline designs.

Detectives hope a backpack left where Jacob Contreras was murdered can help them find these killers.

“This is a close-knit community, so when something like this happens, everybody talks about it,” Dallas PD homicide detective Scott Sayers said. “He was an aspiring barber. He lost his life [on May 23] and we're looking for the communities help to try to help us solve this one.”

Detectives say 22-year-old Contreras was killed during an attempted robbery just outside the home where he lived with his father, Benito Contreras.

“As he was entering his house, we think that the suspects were trying to rob him,” Det. Nathan Heathcote explained.

A security camera down the street got video of the two suspects. One of them had on a kid’s backpack with “Minions” on it.

“Maybe five gunshots,” Jacob’s father recalled.

He heard the gunshots, then ran to peep out the window, and saw his son on the front porch. Jacob died in his dad’s arms.

A memorial is set up where he lost his life.

“We did find some of the possible suspects’ belongings here at the residence around the side,” Det. Heathcote added.

In particular, the “Minions” backpack.

“It’s like a kid’s backpack. It’s a “Minions child’s backpack,” Sayers said.

Who do you know that, until late last week, carried a “Minions” backpack like that?

“If you know ‘em, you know ‘em. If you’ve seen these individuals with the backpacks, they may be from Pleasant Grove, they may be from South Dallas, they may be from Oak Cliff. Somebody’s going to know them somebody’s going to know that this is a backpack that they carry all the time,” Sayers said. 

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward. You can call them, or call or text Det. Scott Sayers at 214-283-4849.

Help track down the backpack killers caught on tape but still at-large.