Trackdown: Help find Eric Moore's killer

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The subject of this week’s Trackdown is a man murdered in his home. The murder was masked by fire

Detectives think risky business put him in harm's way. The only clue they have is the dead man's missing car.

The only clue in Eric Moore’s murder is his unaccounted 2001 Chevy Impala. In this case, detectives say his choices with love and money likely led to his death.

Crime scene tape, boarded windows and charred furniture in the front yard don’t tell the whole story of what happened at 4934 Berridge Lane on Memorial Day weekend. That’s when fire broke out in the house and. Moore was found dead inside.

An autopsy would show no smoke in Moore's lungs. He was murdered before the fire was set.

“I know he was having financial problems around the time that he was killed,” said Detective Jeff Loeb. “And he was a big time gambler.”

But that was not Moore's only proclivity.

“He dated men that were otherwise straight, that were married men, that had a family that kind of kept on the down low,” the detective said. “They would hook up. That’s the type of man that he preferred.”

Around 10:05 p.m. that Sunday on May 28, a neighbor's surveillance camera caught more coming home and turning into the alley.

“Presumably, he had somebody with him because the suspect took his vehicle that night,” Loeb said.

Around 12:01 a.m., Moore’s Chevy Impala was caught on tape leaving.

“He leaves a total of three times, which is very bizarre,” Loeb said. “At one point, he's seen sitting for maybe about 30 seconds. And it looks like he's looking back at the offense location maybe looking to see if the fire has started or maybe he's looking for smoke.”

The Impala drove off but comes back a minute or so later. The Impala left again and again before coming back and turned in the ally going back to the scene of the crime. When he left a third time, a white car is in the street waiting to turn into the same alley.

“The white car is signaling. And when the suspect pulls out, he actually jumps the curb right here because he’s trying to not get to close to the potential witness.

Moore's silver Impala still has not been found nearly two months since the murder and the killer caught on tape driving it away.

Police know the plates have been changed, and they need the public to tell them who has that car.

Anyone with information is urged to call Dallas Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-8477.