Trackdown: Help find Donald Whiteside's killer

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A woman was savagely beaten by a man on Harry Hines Boulevard while several vehicles passed by. No one called 911.

A driver in a red pickup then showed up and shot and killed the attacker before taking off with the woman.

On October 12 around 1:49 a.m., police say Donald Whiteside was on Harry Hines near Walnut Hill when he drove across the street to where the three women were standing. Two of them walked away while one stood her ground.

“Looks like she’s in some type of verbal altercation with him,” explained Dallas Police Det. Eddie Parker. “He gets out. He begins assaulting her. They end up in the in the in the flow of traffic here.”

It was a straight out fight. He fought her like she was a man. She gave it all she could.

“Initially, she is fighting back,” Parker said. “But with him being a man, he kind of gets the better of her.”

The two fought for more than a minute and a half. People drove by but no one stopped to call 911.

“A couple of cars did pass by,” Parker said. “They just kind of slowed down I guess not to hit them then continued driving on.”

A white Jeep then stopped and put on its flashers before making a U-turn. Whiteside found trouble of his own.

“Then, a red truck pulls up as they are fighting,” Parker said. “And he starts discharging a weapon towards Mr. Whiteside.”

White fell into his car and then tried to drive away. It stopped in the middle of the street.

The driver of the red truck flagged the woman down and she got in and left.

Whiteside was rushed by paramedics for medical treatment, but he died.

“I need to talk to the person that the truck may belong to or the person that’s inside the truck. Even the person in the white Jeep,” Parker said. “If they're out there, I need them to come forward so we can try to find out who the shooter is in this offense.”

The detective needs to know who was in the red truck and in the white Jeep that parked for a while. The woman who was beaten never came back. He'd like to speak to her.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward in this case. Call them at (214) 373-8477.