Trackdown: Help find Calvin Graves' killer

This week’s FOX 4 Trackdown focuses on a drive-by murder that happened almost two months ago. Investigators aren’t sure if it was road rage or rage of another kind.

Video shows Calvin Graves driving a borrowed blue Nissan Versa on August 10 around 10 p.m. when he was killed. He was in the 200 block of Creek Cove Drive in Pleasant Grove.

“Mr. Graves is a good gentleman. He's got a loving family. Worked multiple jobs. Has several children,” said Dallas Police Homicide Det. Andrea Isom. “Didn’t have anything going on that night that we're aware of that would cause him to be in a situation such as this.”

Video shows a dark-colored small SUV snaking up behind Graves and following him. The detective thinks at least three people are in the shooter’s SUV.  Video shows the reflection of the cars in the window of another car.

“And through that reflection, you can see both vehicles’ brake lights on when they were together,” Isom said. “So that’s how we know they were having some interaction together.”

Video doesn’t show the actual shooting. There were many evidence markers for all the shell casings from the gunfire.

“After a short time, the SUV keeps going. Then, the blue Nissan Versa, which was the driver Calvin Graves, continued driving until he crashed into a truck,” Isom said. “No one saw anything. Multiple people heard the gunshots, but no one actually saw the shooting.”

Investigators don’t have much to go off of. Their biggest tip is that they know the two vehicles were together at some point.

“I’m hoping that just that vehicle, this neighborhood or someone will recognize Calvin perhaps and just give us some information of what happened that night so we can start there,” Isom said. “Children without a father, a mother without a son, a cousin without his cousin — it’s just tragic.”

Crime Stoppers is offering reward money for the right information about Calvin Graves’ killers. Call them at (214) 373-8477. You can remain anonymous.