Trackdown: Help find a 2018 Bentley Bentayga SUV

A $250,000 luxury car was stolen from a Dallas family as they slept and Dallas police are trying to locate the vehicle.

Vehicle thefts are up nearly 15 percent in Dallas, but one theft was very pricey. A 2018 Bentley Bentayga SUV was recently stolen from the driveway of a home in upscale Dallas neighborhood on June 13.

While almost 40 percent of vehicle thefts are due to people leaving their keys in the vehicle, that was not the case in the Bentley theft.

“These guys come with range extenders, relay boxes, possibly dummy keys and a few other things to like basically trick the vehicle to thinking the dummy key is the real key,” said Det. Rico Hill, Dallas Police Auto Theft.

Sgt. Bryan Roden, Dallas Police Auto Theft, said thieves typically scout out certain areas.

“They kind of know people’s patterns with these high end thefts like that,” Sgt. Roden said.

Video of the theft appears to show one suspect vehicle and possibly three suspects.

One suspect is at the back left side of the car, a shadow barely visible in the video. There’s a flash of light on the ground as the cars door opens and the suspect car creeps slowly, right to left across the screen.

“Towards the end you see one suspect by the vehicle and then he walks away,” Det. Hill said.

Someone in the SUV sits down for a minute and the interior lights are on.

“They were inside the vehicle doing what they had to do to possibly reprogram that key,” Det. Hill said.

Then the SUV speeds away.

Sgt. Roden said the suspects are likely changing out all of the identifiable numbers associated with the vehicle, including a VIN swap.

“So when an officer pulls them over it’ll be really hard to identify the vehicle just by running a license plate,” Sgt. Roden said.

Det. Hill is concerned the car could be headed overseas and he hopes someone reaches out with information. People can call Crimestoppers at 214-373-8477.