Trackdown: Help find 13-year-old Malik Tyler's killers

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In this week’s Trackdown, police have released never before seen video of the shootout that killed 13-year-old Malik Tyler on June 4.

The teenager had clean hands while those in a gun battle that took his life did not.

Dallas homicide detectives have given FOX 4's Shaun Rabb video of two cars involved, along with one of the suspected shooters in last week’s incident. One man is already in jail and charged with murder in this case.

The newly released video shows the cars and people inside that opened fire first. In the crossfire while trying to get back home, Tyler was shot and killed.

“This is beyond senseless, 13-year-old kid with two of his friends just come to the store to get some snacks and he gets caught in the middle of the crossfire just trying to go back home,” Dallas homicide Detective Jacob White said.

White is carrying the murder book on Tyler, the great kid killed when shooters opened fire at 7 p.m. on June 4.

Police say they don’t know how many people they’re looking for, but there are at least two vehicles of interest involved.

The shooting happened in a parking lot near Bruton Road and N. St. Augustine Drive.

“A silver Chevy Cruze is what I believe it to be,” Det. White said.

The Cruze, carrying damage to the front passenger side quarter panel and damage on both the left and right rear sides, pulled into the gas station, and is critical to what plays out.

A grey Chrysler 300M pulls in a little after the Cruze, and a couple of guys get out and walk over to the Cruze.

“The trunk opens on the Chevy Cruze,” Det. White explained. “One of the individuals, appears to be a black male with long dreads, enters the trunk, retrieves a backpack, and the two guys get back into the Chrysler 300."

The driver of the Cruze then drives off, but only as far as the car wash next door, where it stops.

Tyler and his two friends are now leaving the nearby store with snacks. Tyler and another boy are kind of jogging, as a third kid, King Morgan, is walking behind. The driver of the Chrysler 300M drives out, heading west.

“They ultimately leave the parking lot. Surveillance video shows them coming back,” Det. White said. “They actually head westbound on the inside lane closest to the convenience store, and as they get right over here, almost to the property line with the car wash next door, you can see two individuals - the front passenger and the back passenger - both open fire.”

The person police have in custody, 21-year-old Datrail Clayton, was in a parked black vehicle.

“He gets out of the car, runs around, and opens up fire, who is continuing westbound on Bruton Rd.,” Det. White said.

Tyler takes a bullet not meant for him. Det. White needs to know who rolls in a wrecked silver Chevy Cruze.

“It appears to be a newer, maybe a 2010 or newer. Has damage to both rear quarter panels, the right and the left,” he added.

And Det. White says the slim man with the dreads is one of the two shooters.

“He goes to the trunk of the Chevy, retrieves a backpack, and within minutes, is when the shooting starts,” White said.

If you think you know him or either vehicle involved, call Det. White at 214-671-3690.

A Crime Stoppers reward is also on the table.