Toys R Us fixes online coupon glitch, cancels orders

Bargain hunters thought they scored a huge deal on the Toys R Us website over the weekend. But the company said it was a mistake.

Typically, when shoppers use a coupon code online they are allowed to use only one. But a glitch on the Toys R Us website allowed people to stack coupons for 50 percent off their orders.

The company, which filed for bankruptcy in September, said these codes were supposed to just be for Toys R Us credit card holders. But someone shared them online and lots of people used them.

Emails were sent to those customers indicating their products were “unavailable” and orders were canceled, making some customers furious.

Some customers argued that they missed out on other deals at other stores because they planned on using those coupon codes. That same group says the company should honor orders so as not to prompt them to shop at other stores.

Others called it “stealing” because couponers were trying to take advantage of a glitch and then getting angry when Toys R Us fixed it.

Another part of the anger stems from the authorization of funds to be withdrawn from credit cards. Toys R Us said customers won’t be charged but they might need to call their credit card company to get the charges removed from their credit card.