Tinslee Lewis remains on life support as her family awaits a ruling in their legal battle

More than three months after the latest arguments in the legal appeal involving her care, 1-year-old Tinslee Lewis remains on life support at Cook Children’s Hospital.

“They’ve reduced the amount of sedation and they see more activity with her,” said Joe Nixon, who is the attorney for the Lewis family.

Nixon described what he said Tinslee’s family has shared about her.

He also discussed whether or not he feels the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has delayed an outcome with Tinslee’s latest appeal, which is pending with the second court of appeals in Fort Worth.

“There’s no way for me to know or not whether COVID pandemic has caused them to hasten or delay their decision,” Nixon said. “It's not unusual for a court to take months to decide a case as important as this one. I don’t think there’s anything to be read in to the length of time that’s gone by.”

Nixon presented their latest argument before the three-judge panel in February.

An earlier appeals court ruled against them, however, the hospital was ordered to continue Tinslee’s life support until the case is decided.

Tinslee was born with a rare heart defect and has been hospitalized her entire life.  

Cook Children’s Hospital has maintained Tinslee is suffering, even under sedation, and should be allowed to pass away naturally.

Lawyers argued to the court: “even the most routine of ICU cares come with a price and that price is pain and that price is suffering.”

Nixon said Tinslee’s mother will continue her fight. 

“[Tinslee’s] mother says I want my baby to continue to be given care. The doctor says I don’t want do it anymore. Who gets to make that decision? Under our guidelines, and under our state and federal constitution, it’s the mother’s right,” Nixon said.


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