Man convicted of killing Fort Worth Officer Garrett Hull sentenced to life in prison

A Tarrant County jury sentenced the man convicted of killing a Fort Worth police officer in 2018 to life in prison.

Timothy Huff apologized to the jury Wednesday for Officer Garrett Hull's death. He said he had no idea what was happening at the time.

Earlier this week, he was found guilty of Hull's murder. Jurors finished deliberating and handed down their sentence around 10:45 p.m. Wednesday night.

Officer Hull's wife spoke shortly after the sentencing came down and thanked the jury.

"I came to the realization today that it wouldn't make any sense to expect you to understand the depth of our loss at this point," Sabrina Hull said. "Everybody heard what kind of a man he was, what a good man he was, what a great man he was."

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While Huff did not fire the shots that killed Hull, he was part of the gang of violent armed robbers that Hull and other officers were trying to arrest. Other officers killed the man who pulled the trigger, leaving Huff legally responsible for the murder. 

Huff testified during sentencing, hoping to convince jurors to spare him from the death penalty.

His testimony was a mixed bag. He was remorseful, combative, argumentative, and at one point, had to be admonished for speaking too aggressively.

"I just hope the family can forgive which parts I played, for even being there, period," he testified. "They want to talk about manipulation. They know most people don’t know nothing about the law. You wanna talk about manipulation, this man right here [his attorney] allowed me to have all the jurors’ information, they names, they’re addresses."

Huff said he did not want to be given the death penalty.

[ATTORNEY: "Why should you not be put to death?"]

"Because I’m not the type of person they make me seem to be, I’m just not. I really have a good heart. I mean, I’ve made some bad mistakes," Huff said.

Huff also talked about swallowing a razor blade before this trial started. He said he did that because he did not want to go to trial with his current defense attorney.

Before he testified Wednesday, he asked the judge if he could fire his attorney, but that request was denied.

Huff will serve life in prison without the possibility of parole.