Thousands in need line up for Dallas Thanksgiving food giveaways

Volunteers loaded thousands of vehicles at the University of North Texas at Dallas food distribution.

University president Bob Mong did his part with the North Texas Food Bank.

"They come out here once a month, but this Thanksgiving giveaway is the biggest one of the year, and so we've got cars lined up way past I-20," Mong said.

SKY 4 shows the thousands waiting for the blessing.

More people are seeking help with food now than at the peak of the pandemic.

Dora Flores says this is important because many families need help right now.

"Es muy importante porque hay muchas families," she said.

Sylvester Bethany and Cathy Salter were the first in line for the West Dallas Thanks and Giving giveaway at the West Dallas Multi-purpose Center, arriving at 6 a.m., three hours before it started.

"I went to the center about a week ago and the line was so long when I got up there they had got rid of everything, so I decided to come early this time where I wouldn't miss it," said Bethany.

People arrived seeking fresh fruits and vegetables with prices often too high for some to buy.

"You can't afford much for your food, you'll be without, so this helps a lot, the community, and I'm grateful that they do this," said Domingo Flores.

The UNT Dallas giveaway had more demand than supply, and ran out of turkeys.

"[We] donated some amazing gift cards from Tom Thumb, Albertson's, so we'll be giving those out, along with chicken, so that families can still get groceries and also get turkeys if they can," said Kennedy Bower with the North Texas Food Bank. 

"This is really helping those that are in a financial bind right now during the holidays and it's such a blessing to many, many people," said Catrina Robertson.