Thieves steal $50K in dirt bikes from Irving, Grapevine stores

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Police are looking for a group of burglars targeting high-ticket items at dirt bike shops in Grapevine and Irving.

The trio of burglars were caught on camera in a smash-and-grab style burglary on July 6 at Lone Star Yamaha in Irving. Then just a week later, police believe the same group stole from Grapevine Powersports.

The group is believed to have stolen tens of thousands of dollars in dirt bikes and a special edition ATV. The victims believe the group may have been in the store before because they knew exactly where to go to get what they wanted.

The two very similar burglaries happened in the early hours of the morning.

In about a minute and a half, the thieves managed to grab two dirt bikes and a special edition ATV and at Lone Star Yamaha off 183 and north O’Connor Road in Irving.

The group may have been fast, but they were stupid. They had to stop and reload one bike that fell out during their getaway.

“It sucks. It’s 110 degrees out and we’re out here all day working to feed our families,” said Brian Hicks, sales manager for Lone Star Yamaha. “Yet they come in the middle of the night. They’re not working for anything. Just stealing stuff.”

Then the following Friday, the same group is possibly behind a burglary at Grapevine Powersports off 114 near DFW Airport when a witness at a nearby movie theater interrupted them.

“They were loading up a couple of the dirt bikes, but they saw him and then that’s when they took off,” said Raymone Taylor with Grapevine Powersports. “And they dropped two bikes outside. They would’ve had more.”

Between the two stores, the group stole six brand new dirt bikes and an ATV that all together are valued at more than $50,000.

Both stores say they plan to put extra security measures in place to keep this from happening again.

Police in Irving and Grapevine asking anyone with a possible tip to contact them.