Thief uses handkerchief to swipe jewelry in front of clerk

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Arlington police are looking for a jewelry thief who used a handkerchief to make expensive necklaces disappear.

The police department released surveillance video from the Hoang Son Jewelry store in the 2500 block of E. Arkansas Lane. It shows a woman looking at a tray of necklaces with the clerk on Mach 20.

“This thief used some very coy sleight of hand tricks,” Arlington PD said on its Facebook page.

She holds her handkerchief over the jewelry tray and when the clerk briefly looks away she grabs a handful of necklaces worth thousands of dollars. The clerk never notices.

The store’s cameras did get a clear picture of her face, though. Police described her as an Asian female, believed to be Vietnamese.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes her to call Det. Hugh Trinh at 817-459-5805 or email