Texas teen bitten by shark while visiting Florida

A San Angelo, Texas teenager vacationing in Florida got a souvenir he didn't want: stitches and a wheelchair, after a 7-foot bull shark bit his leg.

Cody High, 15, and his family were in Central Florida for vacation and planned to visit Disney World. Their first stop was to Cocoa Beach for a swim in the ocean.

"I was about knee-deep when he got me, and I was walking back. I didn’t see him at all."

The shark took a bite out of High's leg, before swimming away.

"I saw blood everywhere, and I just knew something bad had happened. People were crying, my mom was probably by far one of the more petrified ones. She was screaming, 'Oh my god! What happened?'" 

The shark ripped off most of High's calf, leaving him in a wheelchair. Doctors released him Monday morning.

"It just felt like a hand squeezing as hard as possible. My older brother he likes pranking me a lot, and it really felt like he just grabbed me with his hand."

The family didn't let the shark bite get in the way of their planned trip to Disney.