Two education rallies held outside State Capitol

It was a day centered around education for the Texas legislature as two rallies were held outside the State Capitol. 

On the south steps of the Capitol, state legislators were joined by members of Children at Risk, a nonprofit working to improve the quality of life for Texas children. Those attending were advocating for funding for early childhood education.

According to Child at Risk, the childcare industry lost more than 20% of its providers since 2020. Those speaking at the rally say adequate funding could fix this ongoing issue.

"We're really hoping that we get funding to support early childhood so that the industry can maintain itself," said Kim Kofron, Senior Director of Education for Children at Risk.

Kofron says this investment will help Texas children in the long run.

"The stronger foundation we give them early childhood, the more they're going to be ready for kindergarten, elementary school, have higher graduation rates, and be a success for the success of our society in 20 years from now," she said.

On the flip side of the Capitol building, another rally was being held for Parent Empowerment Day with Governor Greg Abbott.

"We're here for a singular purpose today, and that is to support the freedom of parents to educate their kids the way they see best," said Gov. Abbott.

The goal of the rally was to expand parents' rights in their children's education and highlight the state's support to make sure students in Texas do better during this legislative session.

"We're going to show up, we're going to show out, and we're going to show the legislature exactly why it is so important that we empower parents to choose the education that's best for their child," said Gov. Abbott.

Critics of the governor's school voucher plan say it will hurt public school funding.