Testimony begins in toddler's duct tape murder trial

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Prosecutors said a Plano woman charged with murdering her boyfriend's 2-year-old daughter did a poor job of trying to "cover it up."

Testimony began Tuesday in the capital murder trial for Melinda Muniz.

Police said she suffocated Grace Ford by covering the child's mouth with duct tape, then staging a home invasion.

The first officers at the scene of the crime testified they were suspicious about Muniz early on.

They said the apartment door was locked when they arrived and Muniz did not have injuries that matched her description of being attacked by an intruder.

The paramedics who performed CPR on Grace told jurors she had no pants on and showed signs of sexual assault. They transferred her to Children's Hospital for an exam.

Police said Muniz' account of what happened changed several times – from an intruder to amnesia to Grace covering her own math with the tape.

Grace's father, Mitch Ford, testified he ended his engagement after finding topless photos and videos on Muniz' phone she was allegedly showing a personal trainer.

Ford said on the day Grace was murdered he heard a phone drop and Muniz yelling help, in her attempt to make it seem like a home invasion.

Muniz pleaded not guilty before testimony started on Tuesday.

Her defense attorney said "just because someone doesn't tell the truth doesn't mean they're a bad person."

Several members of Grace's family were at the trial.

Testimony will resume on Wednesday morning. For updates, follow FOX 4's Natalie Solis on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Fox4Natalie.