Tesla Cybertruck owners claim their 'stainless steel' cars are rusting

A Tesla Cybertruck in an SFMTA No Parking zone in San Francisco. January, 2024.

It seems like one particular stainless steel marvel actually does stain after all. 

Some Tesla Cybertruck owners are voicing their concerns over this discovery of "orange rust marks" on their new cars

One man named Max posted on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum claiming he picked up his new Cybertruck in Dublin and drove it to Sacramento in the "pouring rain" on Feb. 1, when he noticed a "bunch of tiny orange specks and a few water spots."

He said in his post that he was explicitly told that the trucks "develop orange rust marks in the rain and that required the vehicle to be buffed out."

The Bay Area and other regions of California endured atmospheric rivers in the first week of February that brought down trees with high winds and flooding and left over a million people in the dark

Max said in his post that while the orange dots are huge, they are very apparent despite being tiny. He said he hadn't washed the car but that "it's only been two days in the rain."

A Los Angeles resident also shared on the forum that he received his new truck on Feb. 1 when the LA weather was receiving its own fair share of rain.

Only having the car for 11 days parked in front of his home and just a few hundred miles on it, the car started to form some corrosion, according to "vertigo3pc," the owner.

The owner said he brought it to a service facility to have the problem dealt with and that they washed the exterior to ensure the marks weren't merely "specks of dirt" but actual corrosion.

At the facility, the man says he was told that while they have a procedure on how to fix the issue, they don't have the tools on hand nor have they done repairs before. 

He was told they would give him a call when the supplies needed have arrived.

Some replied to the post arguing that the marks may be rail dust instead of corrosion from the elements. 

Gizmodo reports that the Tesla Cybertruck manual confirms the truck's panels are "susceptible to such corrosive substances as grease, oil, tree resin, dead insects, etc., which should be washed off quickly to prevent corrosion."

KTVU reached out to Tesla and is awaiting comment.

This story was reported from Oakland, Calif.