Teen with terminal cancer gets asked to prom

A Canton teenager with terminal cancer is seeing her wish come true – going to prom.

Jenni Sherwood, 15, has desmoplastic small round cell tumors. It's a rare, fast-spreading cancer for which there is no cure. She was diagnosed a little less than two years ago.

Sherwood is a high school freshman and only upperclassman are usually allowed to attend prom. But her school made an exception.

Her promposal took place at Edgewood High School, where she had asked junior Clayton Cox via Facebook if he was interested in going to prom with her.

"She messaged me and said, ‘Do you know anything about me?' I said no and she said that she's passing away from cancer and she'd like it if I took her to prom," Cox said, adding that they had met one time at a county fair. "I just started crying. Boo hooing. That's all I could do."

So Cox decided to formally ask Sherwood to the prom with the help of his Edgewood HS classmates, including the band and cheerleaders.

When Sherwood walked in, the crowd inside the gym erupted and Sherwood was able to accept Cox's promposal.

Sherwood's family and friends know how much this meant to the teen.

"I think it filled her heart with joy," said family friend Tracy Erwin. "I think it's a memory she's gonna treasure."

Prom is scheduled for Saturday evening.

Her family has set up a Go Fund Me Page. To contribute click here.