Teen saves family from Oak Cliff house fire

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Two homes were damaged when a fire ripped through them in Oak Cliff early Monday morning.

The fire began just after 1 a.m. in a neighborhood near Ewing and Missouri avenues. As firefighters were working to put out the flames a tree caught fire and fell onto the neighbor’s house.

A family of six was in the second house. Their teenage daughter was awake at the time and saw the flames. She woke everyone up and helped to get them out safely.

The spreading fire forced firefighters to call for a second alarm. At one point, the firefighters said they were concerned about the fire’s intensity. One did go missing briefly but was later found safe.

Neighbors said an older man and a dog lived in the first house that was completely destroyed. So far, neither of them have been found.

Arson investigators are now combing through the rubble to see if they can figure out a possible cause for the original fire.