Teen lifts pickup truck to save dad, family from fire

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 A Virginia teen found incredible strength to lift a burning pick up truck and save her father.

19-year-old Charlotte Heffelmire is surrounded by her family today -- thanks to her quick thinking.

The teen lifted a truck to rescue her father, then saving the rest of her family from a house fire.

Her father, Eric Heffelmire, was working on his truck when it fell and started spilling gasoline -- igniting a fire and then an explosion.

"I was on my back, face up, and I was trying to get some corroded brakes lines when apparently the jack slipped and fell down on me. Pinned me across right here on my shoulder," said Eric. "Almost instantaneous, really loud explosion that seemed to spread fire through the garage pretty fast."

That's when Charlotte came upon the scene and sprung into action.

"Went over to the truck, lifted it the first time, he said 'OK, you almost got it,' So I lifted it one more time," recalled Charlotte. "Finally managed to get it out, it was some crazy strength, pulled him out."

Then she climbed into the burning car...

"I didn't want the entire house to explode with the truck, so I started the truck, put it four wheel drive and just mashed on it with three wheels and just drove out," she said.

She then closed the garage doors to contain the fire inside.

And calmly went inside to rescue the rest of her family - starting with her sister's baby.

"Baby first and then I was like 'OK mom let's go outside.'  Nothing's wrong."

Charlott'es mom was more than impressed.

"She was very calm. She didn't want to make us scared," said her mom.

Everyone made it out safely.

Charlotte says "I just did what I had to do, so I don't feel like a big hero or anything."

Fairfax County Fire and Rescue awarded the brave teen with a Citizen Lifesaving Award.