Teen fugitive wanted by feds linked to two violent North Texas crimes

A 17-year-old wanted for capital murder by U.S. Marshals is linked to at least two violent crimes in North Texas.

FOX 4 has learned Taymor McIntyre is a suspect in a double-murder out of Mansfield last year. The victim of a beating and robbery in Arlington just last month says McIntyre was his attacker.

Arlington police can't confirm that McIntyre is the same suspect in the Arlington attack, but they say they do have a suspect in that case. The victim says he knows exactly who attacked him.

When Skip Pepe saw the picture of McIntyre on FOX 4, he was certain it was his attacker.

"It's just a face that I can't get out of my head,” he said. “I didn't walk away with a doubt in my mind. I knew that this was the individual that attacked me."

Pepe was robbed and beaten back in May as he walked on a trail near Cravens Park. He says a young man pointed a gun at him, demanded his money and then left him with bleeding on his brain, numerous scrapes and bruises and three fractured ribs. Pepe says he was able to pick McIntyre out of two separate lineups.

"I mean this guy was out to kill me, not just to take my wallet,” he said.

Federal authorities say the 17-year-old is wanted for capital murder and should be considered armed and dangerous.

“I really hope they catch this individual because I hate to see somebody else go through this or even worse than me,” Pepe said.

FOX 4 has learned McIntyre is a suspect in a capital murder case from last year in Mansfield. Police say 21-year-old Ethan Walker was shot and killed during a robbery. Investigators say McIntyre was one of the seven suspects in the case but have not identified him as the shooter.

Law enforcement sources have also said McIntyre is a suspect in another capital murder case out of San Antonio, but police there did not release any details on that case.