Tarrant County opens voting machine tests to the public for the first time

This week Tarrant County voters got a chance to test voting machine that will be used in the upcoming November elections.

The state-mandated test of the county's system was opened to the public for the first time, giving voters an up-close look at the county's overall elections and vote counting process.

"I think it’s important to show that we have a valid election system," said Tarrant County resident Tristian Martinez. "We have really good processes in place to demonstrate how to run our elections and I appreciate that Tarrant County is trying to get the confidence of every single voter here."

Tarrant County suffered what was deemed a "computer glitch" that significantly delayed the county's results with the Nov. 2021 elections.

At that time, officials explained the dilemma was connected to a manufacturer problem that prevents remote transmission of results from some precints.

Elections chief Heider Garcia says the feedback during the test period has been mostly related to logistics.

"I’ve always said the system, I’ve always said it’s important for people to understand that this is a system they can verify by themselves that it is doing what it supposed to do."

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 Tristan Martinez says she's looking forward to casting a ballot during the midterms this November.

"I do have confidence. I do 100% in our elections. I have confidence in this office, and the people running this election. I think that we need to get more people confident and address their concerns but in a healthy way."

Election day is November 8.